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Brighten Your Smile in Northampton This Autumn

As September ushers in the autumn season, this month marks a significant juncture for many people as they return to work, university and school. Some people find this time of year to be even more significant than the arrival of … Read more >

Summer Beauty Treatments to Consider in 2023

The summer holidays are finally here, and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself! Whether you have a vacation or a special event planned, you might be on the lookout for summer beauty treatments that can enhance your appearance and … Read more >

How Do Screens Affect Our Skin?

Screens have crept their way into our daily lives, and though there’s a lot of talk about how they impact our eyesight, we don’t hear much about what they do to our skin. So, in this blog, we’ll dive into … Read more >

Obagi Medical: The Secret to Radiant, Youthful Skin

Fact: heavy makeup used to be the go-to solution for achieving the appearance of flawless skin. But, not anymore. Until recently, most people prioritised concealing their imperfections over nurturing their skin. But, as times have changed, so has our perspective … Read more >

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Do you feel like kick-starting the new year with a rejuvenated appearance? Facial aesthetics are an increasingly popular way to revitalise your looks and boost your self-confidence. Facial aesthetic treatments are also quick and non-invasive. We offer a wide range … Read more >

The Quick Dental Fix for a Gummy Smile

When you smile, do you see more of your gums than teeth? If you do, you may have a gummy smile.

Why Choose Cliftonville Dental For Your Dental Implant Treatment?

For many people, getting a dental implant is one of the most significant dental interventions (and indeed general health interventions) they will ever experience. Not only do implants restore the ability to chew and smile, but during their healing period, … Read more >

ZO Skin Health – The Skincare Range Taking The World By Storm

Your dental practice probably isn’t the first place you think of when you’re looking to improve the quality, health and appearance of your skin. However, an increasing number of dental practices now offer non-surgical skincare treatments and skincare product ranges, … Read more >

Best Non-Surgical Skin Care Treatments That Deliver Amazing Results

Not only is going under the knife a huge commitment, but it’s also potentially dangerous and could leave you feeling dissatisfied with the results, which are rarely predictable. What’s more, surgical treatments are extremely costly, whilst non-surgical skincare doesn’t have … Read more >

How To Get The Best Out Of Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Non-surgical skincare treatment is more popular than it’s ever been past and with the right daily maintenance, the effect it has can bring amazing cosmetic benefits. In recent years, we’ve seen the desire for minimally-invasive skin care soar. Patients are … Read more >