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Should Schools Go Sugar-Free? Dental Surgeons Wage War On Tooth Decay

As thousands of youngsters return to school for the autumn term, dental surgeons are calling for the government to encourage all UK schools to go sugar-free in a bid to combat tooth decay. Here’s why caring for your child’s teeth … Read more >

Excessive Sweating? Find Out Why Celebrities Are Raving About Botox

You are probably familiar with Botox as an anti-wrinkle treatment, but one of its lesser known benefits is currently doing the Hollywood rounds. Read on to find out how the popular cosmetic procedure can be used to improve the lives … Read more >

Protect Your Child’s Teeth From Sport-related Injuries

The Autumn term at secondary school brings the arrival of contact sports such as hockey, rugby and squash amongst others. To ensure your child has the best level of protection against contact, make sure they have a custom orthodontic mouthguard. … Read more >

Back To School – The Importance Of A Check-Up For Your Child

As the new academic year draws closer, bringing your child in for a general check-up ensures they have a healthy start to their autumn term. It is estimated that a quarter of children in the UK display signs of tooth … Read more >

Aesthetic Adult Fixed Braces At Cliftonville

For a long time, adult patients didn’t have much choice in the way of brace options. However, today brace designs have evolved significantly and are centred around aesthetics and practicality. Ceramic braces combine the strengths of traditional metal braces with … Read more >

A Permanent Solution To A Missing Tooth: Dental Implants At Cliftonville

Are you missing a tooth that you’ve neglected to replace? Or perhaps you’re looking to replace your dentures with a more permanent solution? Dental implants are the one and only treatment that can restore your jawbone strength and tooth function … Read more >

Facial Aesthetics Treatments For A Special Event

Do you have a special occasion coming up around the corner? Perhaps a big birthday event, wedding, or anniversary? Here at Cliftonville, we have a range of non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments to help you look your best for the big … Read more >

ZO Skin Health: Redefining Skincare

Skincare has taken huge strides in the last decade and we have more products and treatments at our disposal than ever before. Skincare has always been something which has been important to women but men also are now enjoying better … Read more >

Invisalign: Straighten Your Teeth With Confidence

If you aren’t happy with the shape and look of your teeth, there are many orthodontic options available to you. Here’s why you should consider Invisalign. Adult orthodontic options Here at Cliftonville Dental, we offer a range of treatments to … Read more >

Open 6 Days A Week, Including Evenings – The Benefits To Our Patients

People have incredibly busy lives and they want to know that they are able to go to the dentist when they are available, rather than having to change their schedule to fit in with the dentist’s opening hours. Here at … Read more >