Orthodontics for children

Straightening and realigning children’s teeth quickly and effectively

We all know that a happy, secure childhood can build a sense of self-assurance that lasts a lifetime. Feeling able to smile freely and confidently plays a big part in forming a bright and optimistic outlook on the world.

At Cliftonville Dental, here in Northampton, we can offer successful orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. This said, it’s certainly easier – and more cost-effective – to sort out potential future problems as early as possible. It’s also worth considering that children can be every bit as self-conscious as adults when it comes to their smile, so they themselves often want to straighten crooked teeth as soon as they can. And of course we all want them to enjoy a carefree, fun childhood, without worrying about their appearance.

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Using orthodontics to address problems such as overcrowding, protrusive front teeth, spacing and problems with the occlusion.

Orthodontics does much more than just straightening teeth. Fitting braces early will help your child to overcome difficulties such as poor bite alignment, overcrowding and uneven teeth spacing, as well as easing crooked teeth into their correct position.

Our approach to treating children is just the same as the way we treat adults, in the sense that we never try to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ way of thinking. This means we don’t believe there’s a set age to begin treating crooked or poorly aligned teeth. Instead, we’ll keep a careful eye on things from the earliest stage, making sure we look at each child’s needs individually. Although we would certainly advocate monitoring their teeth carefully from the time they first emerge from the gum, it’s unlikely that we would recommend a very young child to be fitted with braces. The most common age at which this might happen is 12 or 13. Some children benefit from an earlier phase of treatment to make comprehensive treatment easier, or to prevent damage to the developing occlusion.

Meet the Orthodontist:

Sama Ria

GDC Number: 258698
BDS (Hons), PG Cet Dent Ed, MOrth RCSEd

Hi, my name is Sama and I carry out the orthodontic treatment here at Cliftonville Dental. The aim of Orthodontics is to produce a healthy, functional bite, and improving personal appearance. I treat both adults and children to help achieve straight teeth.
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What we look out for when deciding whether your child might need braces

  • Front teeth protruding over lower teeth, or lower teeth biting outside the upper ones
  • Baby teeth which remain in place after adult teeth have begun to emerge
  • Wide gaps or severe overcrowding
  • A ‘slanted’, uneven appearance to the lower jaw
  • Teeth wearing unevenly, possibly causing an angled biting surface
  • Problems in closing the teeth together

Unobtrusive, discreet braces… or stylish modern designs

Whatever age your child might be when orthodontic treatment begins, we’ll offer a choice of alternatives including modern, unobtrusive appliances which are far less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Alternatively, braces can even be seen as something of a fashion statement – we can offer a choice of colours to express your child’s sense of style!

Helping children feel confident about their treatment

Finally, when you bring your child to Cliftonville for orthodontic treatment – or any other form of dental care – you can rest assured that we’ll do our utmost to make them feel welcome and put them at their ease. Our friendly team of dentists and dental care professionals will always go the extra mile to make your children’s experience a pleasant one.

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