Childrens dentistry

Helping children feel confident about visiting the dentist

Getting into a regular routine of looking after your teeth properly can set you up for a lifetime of good dental health – that’s why it’s best to pick up the habit at as young an age as possible.

At Cliftonville Dental we do our utmost to make children feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit the dentist.  Here in Northampton we’ve put together a friendly, caring team of dentists and dental care professionals who will work hard to make your children’s experience a pleasant one.

We understand that there’s nothing worse than seeing your children feel nervous or upset – and we want both you and them to feel at ease when you come to see us.

Understanding the changes teeth go through at an early age

As your children grow up, their teeth and mouths go through a rapid rate of change. Maintaining good oral health is crucial at any age, but at this stage it’s particularly important, since problems acquired in childhood can have a major effect on later life. Without proper attention, decay and alignment issues can easily develop into bigger problems.

As each new tooth appears, its rough chewing surfaces will be especially prone to decay. Food particles can easily become stuck in the tiny fissures on the tooth surface. We know you’ll always encourage your children to brush regularly and well – but with the best will in the world, they won’t always be perfect brushers. That’s why they need to come and see us regularly for a check up – and to benefit from Cliftonville Dental’s passionate commitment to preventative dentistry.

Bring your children along to Cliftonville Dental as soon as you can. We’ll always give them a friendly welcome – and we can help them to enjoy a clean, bright and straight smile… now and long into the future.  Overall we strive to ensure our little patients are relaxed and confident about visiting us.