Custom made sports guards

Comfortable, protective guards helping sports players to prevent broken teeth

If you’re a keen sports player – or you take part in any activity which puts your teeth at risk – we’d recommend that you protect them with a properly constructed sports guard unlike the “DIY” versions that you can purchase from shops.

Here at our Northampton practice we can take careful measurements so you can be fitted with a custom-made sports guard to protect your teeth. By choosing a custom-made guard you can be sure of a comfortable fit – and, crucially, your breathing will never be impeded during play. You’ll also be able to remain confident that your sports guard will stay firmly in place throughout the action!

Don’t risk permanent damage to your teeth

Trauma can cause serious, lasting damage both to your teeth and their roots. As well as avoiding tooth loss sports guards reduce the risk of chipping, breakage and dislocation – minimising the effect of a blow to the face. They can also protect the soft tissues of the mouth.