White fillings

Composite fillings for a natural-looking smile and greater confidence

‘White’ fillings, or composites, are made from a composite resin. This is a tooth-coloured plastic mixture filled with glass (silica) and resin which can restore the natural appearance of your smile.

Originally white fillings – or, more accurately, tooth-coloured fillings – were used just for front teeth.  Modern developments have ensured that they’re now durable enough to be used even for back teeth. Good news for anyone who has ever been embarrassed by revealing their fillings to the world while laughing or yawning!

Now, just like amalgam fillings, white fillings can be used to treat tooth decay. Many patients favour them due to their fantastic blending abilities, making them barely noticeable to the untrained eye.

Providing white fillings here at our Northampton practice

At Cliftonville Dental, cosmetic dentistry is a special interest, and we recognise that a filling has to look right, as well as do its job in helping to maintain dental health and prolong the life of your teeth.

If you’re one of the many people who now prefer white fillings to traditional amalgam, we’ll be happy to help you – whether you’re looking to replace existing fillings or simply want to choose composite resin for any future dental work.  Your dentist will carefully match the filling to the natural shade of your teeth, then carefully bond it into your tooth using adhesives which will support its structure.

It’s a simple way to help you eat, talk, smile and laugh with greater self-assurance.

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